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What you need to know

Safety First

Knob & Tube (K&T) is not just an older wiring system; it can pose a safety risk in older buildings. If you have K&T in your home, we can reduce those levels of risk. Our licensed, professional electricians are veterans at remediating this wiring method to give you peace of mind.

What Poses the Risk

The mere age of a K&T wiring system can be a problem, given the likelihood of physical damage over time, but there may also have been modifications that are unsafe. Your home’s insulation may be enveloping the wires, posing an additional threat.

Being Up to Code

In general, building codes do not always require that K&T be removed from all locations of your home. This can vary from place to place. Your jurisdiction may require only that you remove it from any accessible location.

Let Us Advise You

As qualified electricians, we have the expertise to evaluate your system and let you know whether it was installed—or remediated—correctly. After our visit, you’ll know the degree of threat it might pose and whether your wiring needs may exceed its capacity. We can also advise you on the cost to replace K&T on a home you may wish to purchase, which can be useful in negotiating a price.

knob & Tube dining room

What We Do:

From preparing your home to minimize disruption and debris, to handing off the project for painting and finishing, we’ve got you covered if you need to replace your K&T wiring. Our fully trained, and insured technicians will cut, weave, and install the new electrical system through the wall cavities of your home—and always avoid making any unnecessary holes. Once the wiring and clean-up are complete, we rough-coat the affected areas with plaster/drywall patches. Since the job site is your home, we’re always careful to ensure that it’s even cleaner than when we began the project.

How knob & tube can impact
homeowners insurance

The truth is, some insurance companies consider K&T wiring to present a higher risk of fire. (Other companies do not take this into account at all.) If you have K&T, an insurance company may require a professional electrician to evaluate the safety of your system. Even if you’re not ready to undergo the full remediation process, reach out to Tri-Point for an evaluation.

“A FABULOUS company to work with!!! Another electrician referred me to Tri-Point to install lights and fix bad wiring. The job was highly involved, and they did an incredible job. Brad Balentine is honest, keeps promises, sticks to estimates and does great work. We are extremely satisfied, and we recommend Tri-Point without hesitation.” 

Susan B.

“As a realtor, I refer Tri-Point to many of my clients. Everyone is always pleased with this company, starting with the initial phone call and the estimate through the completion of the work. Respectful. Professional. Tidy. Well-priced.”

Sandy K., Philadelphia

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