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Never go without heat, AC, WiFi, your sump pump, fridge/freezer—or any of the appliances that make your life manageable and convenient. Our turn-key installations provide everything you need.

Certified Generac Generator Dealer

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Trust Who We Trust

Tri-Point is a Certified Generac Dealer: Our seasoned pros can size up your needs and recommend the perfect model of backup generator. Whether you need it installed or want a portable model, we’ll offer you options. And you can be confident in our top-rated, professional installation.

There's No Downside

Whether you’ve considered investing in a whole-house generator or it’s only recently on your radar, the next step costs you nothing: Contact Tri-Point Electric for your FREE evaluation and estimate.

Turn-Key Installation

No matter what option you choose, our turn-key installation includes: 

  • Complete generator system installation
  • Concrete base
  • Plumbing of your natural gas line (required) *
  • Permits and Inspections—our end is hassle-free!

Darkness Be Gone!

Don’t get caught for even an hour without the ability to work from home, keep your fridge full of food fresh, or entertain the kids! Invest now in keeping your generator in perfect working condition.
Read our 6 Reasons Why You Should Maintain Your Generator. 

Why an automatic generator? And why now?

You may not be facing down a hurricane or blizzard today. Still, the reality is that outages loom over every homeowner. The news makes it pretty clear: the demand for alternative home power sources has surged. At Tri-Point Electric, we’re always ready to install. But don’t let months-long backlog from the manufacturer get in the way of life as usual.

What’s the advantage of a whole-house generator? You’ll never go without heat, wifi, your sump pump, and all the appliances that make your life manageable and convenient. Our turn-key installations provide everything you need.

A Budget-Friendly Solution:
Partial Backup with Automatic Power

  • Is Your Home 1,500–2,500 sq.ft.?
  • Is Your Budget less than $13k
  • Does the House have a Gas Line?

Partial-home generators (11–13 KW) give you the backup you need without a larger up-front investment. These will protect designated circuits, meaning you’re no longer victim to electrical outages. It can also fit your budget—especially given any potential lost income for those who work out of our homes. Starting at $12,500.

For Your Whole Home:
An Automatic Generator

  • Is Your Home 2,000–5,000 sq.ft.?
  • Is Your Budget less than $16,500k
  • Does the House have a Gas Line?

This option maximizes the comfort, safety, and security of your home and loved ones. A whole-house automatic generator (22–26 KW) ensures your heat and AC will work seamlessly—no matter what the elements throw at us. Starting at $16,500.

For a Large Home:
Liquid-Cooled Automatic Generator

  • Is Your Home 5,000–10,000 sq.ft.?
  • Starting at $24,500
  • Does the House have a Gas Line?

Your larger home or commercial properties have special electrical needs: multiple AC units, numerous power supplies, and more. It all comes with a high standard of living. A custom-tailored, liquid-cooled automatic generator (28–48 KW) means when the electricity goes out you’ve got the backup—so your comfort, safety, productivity, and peace of mind remain unaffected. Starting at $24,500.

“What a terrific electrical service provider to work with. Tri-Point did a perfect installation of our Generac backup generator yesterday. They arrived on time, were professional, wore booties when they came in, and were very clean and tidy in doing the work. I received a follow up call that same night, to be sure everything went ok. Thank you!”

—Ed S.

“From start to finish, this company is a winner. The owner came out and discussed fully what was involved in the installation and maintenance of a full-house generator. They got a system up and running—which included the permit from the township, coordinating an electrician, a landscaper, and a propane company—within 3 weeks, during a very busy season. They have responded to my phone calls immediately and had someone out here the same day. I am thoroughly impressed.”

—Stephanie Phillips

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