Losing power can be unsettling. Depending on your situation, it can even be dangerous. Unfortunately, the only time most people think about the continuation of their power is when they don’t have it. Using a back-up generator can alleviate the stress that comes with losing power. Whether severe weather or a taxed system causes your power to go out, having a permanent back-up generator installed at your home can provide continuous service until the energy company restores your service. Tri-Point Electric is experienced in both the installation and repair of back-up generators for residential customers.

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Having a backup power generator installed at your home means you will still have power through an alternative source – either natural gas or propane – if your electricity is interrupted. The generator doesn’t kick on unless you lose your main power source and once power is restored, the generator will turn off. You may not even realize your electricity has gone out with this seamless process.

Tri-Point Electric can evaluate your needs and match you with the perfect backup generator model for your home. Whether you need an installed back-up generator or a portable option, our experienced team will offer options and professional generator installation information to ensure your family’s safety.

Oftentimes homeowners rely on gas-powered generators that they’ve purchased from a hardware store and set up themselves. These simple generators carry the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning if they are improperly used. Tri-Point Electric specializes in automatic and portable generator systems and will provide comprehensive information on how to use whichever option works best for your property.

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Likely, you don’t think about something until it isn’t working. Tri-Point Electric also specializes in generator repair, so if your backup system isn’t functioning properly when you need it most, we’ll be there to fix it. Whether we’ve installed the system or not, we can repair it. We’re qualified to repair all major brands of generators and are focused on your satisfaction during the process.

To avoid an emergency repair, we suggest bi-annual maintenance. These appointments can catch issues before they become problems when you need the system to work the most. It’s likely that you won’t know you need maintenance until it’s too late, which is why we suggest a twice-a-year schedule.

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Tri-Point Electric is committed to providing quality service to each and every customer. No matter the length of a project, our focus is on attention to detail and customer satisfaction. Our superior service creates long-lasting customers. Contact us today to learn more about our generator installation and repair services.

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