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Electric Vehicle Charger

At TriPoint, we have the expertise to get your EV running so it’s reliably charged every time you need it. We can help you evaluate the kind/power of charging station, where to locate it, the length of the charging cable, and what brand to choose. We can inspect and advise you on whether your existing circuit can accommodate the charging station you want, and then install the station that best suits your needs. 

The Right Power Supply

A hard-wired EV charger is permanently connected to the electric supply, whereas a plug-in unit simply plugs into an outlet. At Tri-Point we can inspect your existing electric service panel to make sure it can accommodate a dedicated circuit for the charging station.

Level One: Standard Charging

A 120-volt Level 1 portable charger, which often comes standard, is suited to most household outlets. For a typical car, this delivers 3–5 miles of range per hour of charging. For Teslas and other EVs, a plug-in 120/240-volt Level 1/2 charger is standard, which requires installation of a custom higher-voltage outlet.

Level Two: Faster Charging

For quicker charging, we recommend installing wall-mounted Level 2 charging stations (240 volts, 30–40-amps), whether they’re hard-wired or plug-in. They provide 25–35 miles of range per hour of charging, and will likely meet your needs for years to come. This is faster and more powerful than a portable Level 2 charger, which adds only about 12–18 miles of range per hour of charging (via 16–20 amps)

Cost: to Suit Your Needs

A high-quality, safety-certified EV charging station can cost $400–$1,200. The lower-end station may suit your needs, but higher-cost systems offer a great warranty or smart-charging options. (These can permit you to track your history, calculate costs, or use voice control via a virtual assistant technology device like Alexa.) It’s also wise to look at a few brands, as some provide special offers and discounts.

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Jen D.

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Nick Benanti

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